This year CD2E team have decided to make evolve [avniR] Conference to proposed a francophone day for companies.

  • Why this choice?

The exceptionnel situation that we live this year is the occasion to awareness about some things. With this awareness, terms like sustainable development, eco-design, CSR, cannot longer be just word, but have to traduce companies global strategy whoses have like objective a real impact social and environmental.  

Some Companies already try this strategy with more or less success. The way to integrating environmental criteria into strategic decision is long and complex. It requires mobilizing its stakeholders and changing its methods. We freaquently hear companies success-story. They inspirate but they can be an obstacle for little structure who do not dare take speak, while the way can had be complicated to arrived success. 

This year, [avniR] day is oriented for companies and going to be an event with sharing and learning where everyone going to be invite to share advices and invite to hear experiences to apply in their companies.

[avniR] day objective is to gather companies who want to eco-design or eco-design and to inspirate them with experience sharing and concrets learning.

  •  A day …

… which give speak to companies whoses trying, persevere.
… which permit to favor exchange about technicals, organisationals problematics…
… which will give skills, advices to help companies to take good decisions…

Like we know, there is no perfect model, no single development. The multiplicity of experiences allows us to progress and find new ways to move forward. Help us spread them!

For that, participate to our call to testify!