As part of the [avniR] Conference, the plateforme [avniR] by cd2e is organizing a collection of fabric bags, better known as Tote bags. This action aims to fight against the current overproduction of Tote Bags (which has become a marketing tool more than ecological) and to promote their reuse.

Did you know ??
It is from 148 uses that the organic cotton tote bag can have an interest on climate change. On the other hand, if it is desired that these bags have an interest in all the elements studied in a Life Cycle Assessment (water and energy consumption, human toxicity, etc.), it would be necessary to the organic cotton bag is reused more than 20,000 times! (Source : Numerama & Agence Danoise de l’environnement). Want more details? do not hesitate to consult the Reconcil article

So YES, your favorite tote bag, maybe you’ll reuse it as many times, but the others? If you want to empty your cupboards of these nice but bulky bags and reduce the environmental footprint associated with your tote bags, give them a future at the [avniR] Conference. The tot bags will be redistributed to the participants!

Go further …

Why not extend the “Give a avniR to your bag” operation to other conventions, tradeshows, events, etc. ?


At the next event you will organize, share this event with your participants. They will then have 2 options:

1) Congress participant [avniR] 2018/2019: the participant comes with his tote bag and you add the logo of your event

2) Non-Congress participant [avniR]: Give the participant a tote bag marked #GiveanavniRtoyourbag + add the logo of your event.

The tote bag, with these many logos will facilitate links between event organizers and even facilitate exchanges between participants of different events.

1 tote bag for all your events?

If you are interested, we are looking for:
>> Totes bag to reuse
>> Companies (ideally regional) flocking or possibly weaving
>> Event organizers who would like to contribute to the approach
>> Any ideas or positive contributions!








Your contact : Lise Debruyne : l.debruyne@cd2e.com // –
Thanks for your participation!