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[avniR] Conference it is an event organised by Plateforme [avniR] by cd2e, it brings together experts, scientists, businesses and policy makers of a wide range of sectors: textiles, construction, food, transportation, etc.. over 2 days. The goal is to share and exchange the latest scientific advances and allow companies, including SMEs, to better understand the challenges of the Life Cycle Thinking and Life Cycle Assessment to act for a society more respectful of the environment.

It is through Life Cycle Based, scientific articles, expertise, education or teaching methods of a product, process, service or supply chain that we tackle issues and new developpement.

“We must find a balance between comprehensive information and simplified approaches”
Hugo-Maria SCHALLY, Head of Unit eco-innovation and circular economy at the European Commission during plenary session « What are the worldwide trends in LCA? » – [avniR] conference 2014







“The Life Cycle Thinking has never been more important!”
Paul HOHNEN, international sustainability expert and moderator – [avniR] Conference 2014 

In seven years, [avniR] conference allowed to valorize more than 700 scientific articles in  [avniR] proceedings. These documents can be consulted in the [avniR] resource center and also in computer version for [avniR] members.

What is LCA?

Life Cycle Assessment is a methodology to evaluate the environmental impact of a product, service or process, from the extraction of raw materials to end of life disposal.

It allows companies and local authorities to:
Anticipate regulation
Better manage risks and costs associated with the life cycle of its activities
Improve the functioning and quality of products and services
Encourage sustainable production and consumption
Measure the environmental benefits of products and services, and anticipate market expectations

Why the [avniR] Conference?

The [avniR] Conference aims to bring together large companies and SMEs, public authorities and international experts in order to:
Better understand client and supplier expectations regarding LCA
Help you identify tools tailored to your sector and situation
Be inspired by good practices of companies and public authorities having implemented LCA
Better target your purchasing policy by considering environmental impacts
Be up to date on latest developments in environmental labelling, where France is leading the way
Share experiences in a solutions-oriented environment