The platform [avniR] by cd2e

The objective of the Plateforme [avniR] by cd2e is to help businesses from all sectors develop better products, systems and services through life cycle management.
[avniR] is a collaborative platform and resource centre, bringing together expertise from business clusters, research institutions, universities, local authorities and government bodies.

The cd2e

Accompanying environmental stakeholders (companies, laboratories, local authorities), and the economic sectors of the Region towards eco-transition, this is the CD2E’s ambition for the years to come!

Our missions and actions are:

  • Accelerate the development of eco-activities
  • Structure and animate an economic sector
  • The CD2E carries out missions such as: Helping to the creation of activities and the economic development on the sector of the environment, to favor the innovation, the expertise and the internationalization of the companies, to carry out life-size experiments in the field , raise the awareness of stakeholders and train professionals to increase their skills development on key topics, deploy fields and sectors of excellence on eco-activities and disseminate knowledge and guide the transformation of economic sectors towards eco-transition
  • Deciphering new business modelsYou w

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Who do we work with?

Business clusters, federations and chambers of commerce to reach out to businesses of all sectors (agri-food and seafood, mechanic, transport, retail, packaging, plastics, new materials…)

Public and private research bodies to develop new projects and integrate LCA into research

Further education and professional training bodies to integrate life cycle analysis knowledge into all curricula, and develop specialised courses

Local government at all levels to integrate life cycle analysis into their projects and purchasing policies

Local, national and international experts to share best practice and link into projects with global resonance